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With every lesson learned a line upon your beautiful face..

Vital stats as follows: Born in Greenwich CT in 1965 to British Immigrants. Moved back and forth between two countries until we finally settled in the US for good in 1971. Grew up in a fairly happy childhood, (except for the junior high school years) but not a very typical one. Let's say I am a survivor. Married a republican Catholic in 1993 before I had my own political/religious opinions..Now we are a very mixed marriage with heated theoretical political/religious discussions. In his heart he doesn't hold the typical Republican/Catholic dogma as truth and I am trying to get him to unlabel himself as such but Catholics and Republicans hold tight to their labels, lest they be condemned to hell. I am raising three great kids while I study to be a RE agent. I spend my spare time and money traveling as much as possible, with and without the kids, going to see as much live music as possible, and heading into The City to get a little excitement, whenever possible. I have the greatest best friend ever to do fun stuff with, however the threat of her deportation always hangs over us. Still, I love my life and my friends and my family and I consider myself one of the lucky ones..I also bite when provoked. =)